Mahoney Racing #33 Forever

Mahoney Racing is owned and operated by Mahoney Enterprises. Originally it was a completely seperate entity, but after the death of the Candyman, the race team was Semi-retired. Mahoney Enterprises keeps the tradition of racing alive by sponsoring an annual 'Candyman Special 33 race in honor of Ed Mahoney every year, as well as sponsoring Matt Sission, street stock #25 driver (Sisson Motorports). We also Sponsor Jeff Law ans OutLawed Motorsports #05 in the 4 cylinder. We plan on continuing the racing traditio in the Mahoney family. It is great to have the Sisson and Law family as part of our racing and extended family! We hope we have many years of continued success and fun filled times at Grundy County Speedway as well as Illiana Speedway. We also want to give a shout out to Joe Steurer who purchased 'The Bus' back in 2006 from us and still drives it out at Kankakee Motor Speedway!

Racing has been in our family for many years, our Uncle Clem Lewandowski who is in the Racing Hall of fame was an inspiration for Eddie. Another Inspiration for Eddie was Dale Earnhardt Sr, which is where had got the idea for the number 33. At the time Eddie got his own car, the number 3 was already taken, so we settled for 33 or as Eddie always referred to it as "Double Earnhardt'.