Tribute Race

The Candyman Special is a 33 lap race that is a special tribute not only to remember Ed 'The Candyman Mahoney who passed away in 2008 but also to pay special memory to Ed 'Pops' Mahoney who was the founder of Mahoney Racing. Pops passed away in 2007 from colon cancer. Pops spent many years involved in racing as well as coaching baseball. The Candyman Special also honors Helen 'Mom' Mahoney who passed away on 2004 from Cancer. She was the a very special person who was the heart of Mahoney Racing. She taught her two sons and Granddaughters never to give up It is this very reason that this annual Candyman special continues to this day.

Racing has been in our family for many years, our Uncle Clem Lewandowski who is in the Racing Hall of fame was an inspiration for Eddie. So the Candyman special also honors him too! Clem drove many cars, none more famous then the green number 5 Torino which is now part of the Illinois Vintage Racing Cars. It currently is the pace car. Another Inspiration for Eddie was Dale Earnhardt Sr, which is where had got the idea for the number 33. At the time Eddie got his own car, the number 3 was already taken, so we settled for 33 or as Eddie always referred to it as "Double Earnhardt'. This is why during the tribute Fans are asked to stand on their feet and give a three fingered salute, just like they did in the weeks following Dales untimely Death at Daytona. Much like Dale, Eddie led his life to the fullest both on the track and off the track.