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Mahoney Racing was Founded in 1999 by Edward 'Pops Mahoney

Mahoney Racing was founded in 1999 by Edward 'Pops' Mahoney when he decided to by a racing car called 'The Bus' so his two sons Ed 'The Candyman' Mahoney and Tim 'Hallowt' Mahoney could get involved in racing and to bring the Mahoney family closer together. Here is Eddie's Driver Info sheet from the 2004 season at Grundy County Speedway. 2004 Driver Info. Eddie was infamous for his Dale Earnhardt style like paint sytles.

2004 Was an Emotional Year for Mahoney Racing

2004 Became an emotional year for Mahoney Racing as Helen 'Mom' Mahoney was diagnosed with Cancer. During her courageous battle, she showed us all her incredible strength and courage and she never gave up. On July 8, she lost her battle with cancer. Mahoney Racing went out to continue battling on the track with an angel guarding over them in Heaven.

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