Information on OutLawed Motorsports racing

OutLawed Motorsports was founded by Jeff Law in 2013

OutLawed Motorsports was founded in 2013 by Jeff Law when he raced half a season at Grundy County Speedway, finishing 9th in points. He also raced some races at Illiana Speedway that year. Jeff has had the support of his wife Michelle and his family. The OutLawed team is dedicated to making an exceptional race experience for their fans, family, friends and sponsors.

2014 Big Year for OuLawed Motorsports

Jeff Law has dedicated his this year to racing. He has spent a lot of time and effort to making his car the 'Mistress' run right up front and win some races. He has had several heat races at both Grundy County Speedway and Illiana Speedway. In addition, Jeff finally won his first Feature race at Illiana on July 5, 2014.

Giving back to the Community

Team OutLawed donated two bikes to be given way at Illiana Motorspeedway in JUly. In addition Team OuuLawed has made donations for candy, shirts, shirts designs and and help with the Candyman Special event that will take place in August at Grundy County Speedway. This is not to name the endless contributions they have made toward cancer foundations, cheerleading teams and much, much more. OutLawed defines truly not only what the roots of racing is all about but what it means to give back to the fans, sponsors and their local tracks.

Mahoney Enterprises and OutLawed Motorsports

During the 2013 Racing Season, Mahoney Enterprises was introduced to OutLawed Motorsports by Sisson Motorsports. It was a successful sponsorship that opened up a lot of great opportunities that have lead to a great friendship on and off the track. Mahoney Enterprises has been quotes as saying they are looking forward to many great years to come!